Lounapuisto is a circular economy park built in the Korvenmäki business area in Salo

Lounapuisto circular economy park is a circular economy hub being built in the Korvenmäki business area in Salo. Lounapuisto offers an area and platform for a wide variety of circular economy activities.
Multifaceted and innovative circular economy solutions are developed at Lounapuisto. Lounapuisto is part of Finland’s extensive network of circular economy parks.

Profitable circular economy entities are developed at Lounapuisto

What is circular economy?

The Lounapuisto project is based on the circular economy. The circular economy is defined as an economic model which does not constantly produce new goods and where ownership is a secondary consideration.

Priority is given to providing services, sharing goods, renting and recycling. The opposite of the circular economy is the linear economic model, where products are manufactured, consumed and thrown away, often at a rapid rate.


Lounapuisto Circular Economy Park
Helsingintie 541, 24100 Salo