What is circular economy?

The circular economy is defined as an economic model which does not constantly produce new goods and where ownership is a secondary consideration. Priority is given to providing services, sharing goods, renting and recycling. The opposite of the circular economy is the linear economic model, where products are manufactured, consumed and thrown away, often at a rapid rate.

In a circular economy, products and materials are used efficiently for as long as possible and retain their value over time. When a product reaches the end of its life cycle, efforts are made to recycle its materials. The aim is to close the production and service cycles (see figure).  There are only a limited number of key raw materials and other resources on our planet, yet demand for them is growing. The circular economy is needed to prevent the depletion of natural resources and to achieve a greener world by also reducing greenhouse emissions and the loss of natural resources.




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Circular Economy Finland

Circular Economy Finland is a hub of skills and knowledge which unites those who seek solutions with those who offer them. The network supports different actors in in finding their own circular economy paths.

FISS – Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System

Finnish Industrial Symbiosis System (FISS) is an operation model based on co-operation in which companies make efficient use of each other’s side-flows, technology, expertise and services.

Materiaalitori –the platform for wastes and side streams

Materiaalitori.fi, the platform for wastes and side streams, is used as a tool for the professional exchange of waste and side streams from companies. (In Finnish or Swedish)

Finnish Environmental Institute

The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) promotes and assesses the sustainability of the circular economy and studies the opportunities, challenges, steering methods and politics related to the transition to such an economy.

On the site you can also find a collection of circular economy illustrations and infographics from SYKE publications over the years. The content is free to download and use.

Academy for Circular Economy

Academy for Circular Economy is your key to success in the green transition. As a university-based hub, we empower you with the expertise and tools needed to thrive in the circular economy.

Circular Economy Courses in Finland

This website contains a list of circular economy courses and education arranged in Finland. You can also find a lot of other teaching material, like related videos, on this site.

Lounapuisto Circular Economy Park
Helsingintie 541, 24100 Salo